Featured RMNP hike: Adams Falls

The hike to Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park


One of the most popular hikes on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park is the family-friendly hike to Adams Falls. Just a short .3 mile hike each way, this beautiful series of waterfalls can be found along the East Inlet Trail into the park.

The East Inlet Trailhead is located on the east side of Grand Lake – take the West Portal Road eastbound toward the park until you see signs and parking for Adams Falls and the East Inlet Trail.

Adams Falls and the East Inlet Trail entrance to RMNP

From the parking lot, look for the East Inlet Trailhead, which is well marked by signage as well as a fence along either side of the trail for the first few yards.

East Inlet Trailhead into Rocky Mountain National Park

Once you’re on the East Inlet Trail towards Adams Falls, the hike becomes quite pretty, with the trail meandering through lush green forests of conifer and aspen.

The East Inlet Trail toward Adams Falls

The spectacular Rocky Mountain landscapes are on full display during the summer months. Brilliant blooms of wildflowers can be seen around virtually every corner of the trail.

Wildflowers blooming near Adams Falls in RMNP

In addition to the mountain flora, the fauna are out and about during the summer months as well. Often seen along the East Inlet Trail are many diverse species of Rocky Mountain wildlife both large and small.


The hike to Adams Falls is a relatively easy one, with only 79 feet or so of elevation gain. The well-maintained trail features natural stone stairs that make for an easier climb in the steeper spots.

Stone stairs on the trail to Adams Falls

And if the hike isn’t enjoyable enough, the waterfalls themselves are breathtaking! Adams Falls includes a series of waterfalls through a narrow boulder-lined gorge, with several vantage points for prime waterfall viewing.

Adams Falls in RMNP

June is a fantastic month to visit Adams Falls as well. This season in particular has had so much snowmelt that the waterfalls are currently raging with runoff – quite a sight to behold! The cool mist from the falls also provides quite a refreshing sensation on a warm summer day.

Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

The hike back down from Adams Falls is enjoyable as well. Snow-capped mountains can just barely be seen in the distance, as can the cobalt blue waters of Grand Lake.

The hike from Adams Falls back down to Grand Lake

Indeed, the Adams Falls hike is one of the most popular hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, and is a must-see for both park visitors and Grand Lake guests alike. The relatively short hiking distance and minimal elevation change make it a great hike for hikers of all ages.

Of course, once you’re finished enjoying the hike to Adams Falls, we’d love for you to enjoy our hospitality in Grand Lake! For information about lodging or dining in Grand Lake, or for more Rocky Mountain National Park information, contact us today!

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