Top 10 Places to Take a Spectacular Picture

Admit it, sometimes half the fun of going somewhere new is taking selfies at memorable spots. We’ve put together a list of ten of the most can’t-miss sites in Grand Lake to make sure you see and seize-the-scenery. This list will help your discover all our great and picturesque areas. Oh, and extra credit for capturing some wildlife in any of your pics.  Moose, elk, and deer are frequent visitors – even right in town. 

Grand Lake’s Iconic Mount Baldy
  • Town Park: This engaging green space about midway down Grand Avenue makes the perfect spot to capture a great view of the town’s iconic peak – Mt. Baldy. Its official name is Mt. Craig but its shape has earned it its local nickname.  Frame it up so you capture that emerald green grass of the park, a little of downtown and the mountains behind you. 

  • Historic downtown Grand Lake: The town of Grand Lake looks like something out of a Wild West movie so you’ll want to document this scene. Stand at the very end of Grand Avenue (our main drag) where it comes to a ‘T’ and capture this quintessential western scene with the boardwalk and store fronts.
Grand Lake Colorado Beach
Colorado’s Best Beach at Gene Stover Park
  • Town Marina: Just a block from downtown you’ll find a vibrant lake and beach area. Stand on the dock to the right of Headwaters Marina with the lake behind you. A plethora of pontoons, sail boats, pedal boats, SUPs, and kayaks on the water will photo-bomb your selfie. In a good way.

  • Tonahatu Creek: Now head up Portal Road for a different wet-and-wild scene. Park near the bridge and get out to view Tonahatu Creek below. This cascading creek looks more like a rushing river as it bounds over boulders and makes mini waterfall all along the way. It eventually flows into Grand Lake. Mesmerizing. 

  • Adams Falls: Keep going to the end of Portal Road to find the trailhead for Adams Falls. This magnificent 55-foot waterfall can be seen in its full glory after just a short hike.  You won’t be able to resist selfie after selfie with this powerful falls behind you. The trail continues on beyond the falls, if you want a longer hike. *
Roaring Falls At Cascade Up North Inlet
  • North Inlet Trail: On the way back towards town, take the first right off Portal Road. Follow it up a semi-steep dirt road to the North Inlet trailhead on the right. This trail goes toward Cascade Falls – another great selfie-spot – but here we’re looking for magnificent meadows. These wide-open-spaces make an amazing backdrop. *

  • Rainbow Bridge: Now wind over to Rainbow Bridge on Cairns Road. Named for its curved shape, this bridge spans the channel between Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake. Stand in the center of the bridge with Mt. Baldy behind you in the distance for a spectacular shot.

  • Point Park: Around the corner from the bridge, find Point Park for a different look at Mt. Baldy framed by the shimmering deep-blue waters of Grand Lake. Don’t selfie-and-run here, take a moment to sit on the bench and savor this view and really pleasant park. Simply gorgeous.
View For Days At Grand Lake Lodge
  • Grand Lake Lodge: The century-old lodge was once park of Rocky Mountain National Park. Now it is a separate entity within town limits. Their patio offers simply-the-best elevated, panoramic view of the lakes and surrounding mountains. Truly awe-inspiring selfie-magic here!

  • Rocky Mountain National Park entrance sign: Established in 1915, Rocky Mountain National Park is the third most visited park in the country. Use this iconic wooden welcome sign as your backdrop for an Americana classic vacation photo.
  • Both Adams Falls and the North Inlet Trail are part of the Rocky Mountain National Park trail system. Currently they require a reservation for a timed-entry to hike. Find the link on our website under RMNP Reservations leading to the park’s reservation system.

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