Grand Lake Hotels Near Rocky Mountain National Park: Adventure And Relaxation

Vacations are for relaxing. While activities of various kinds also spring to mind, the overall need for many vacationers is to find some place they can kick off their shoes and soak up the atmosphere. In Colorado, you can combine relaxation with adventure by booking hotels near Rocky Mountain Park in Grand Lake. This town can help you enjoy the best of both types of vacation.


For those who are seeking adventure, we have four words for you: Rocky Mountain National Park. As a gateway to the Park, Grand Lake can offer you easy and fast access to one of the most celebrated national parks. Here, you have the chance to take those long and exhilarating hikes; and they can be as challenging as you want. This is why hikers from all around the nation and globe make an annual pilgrimage to the Park. They know they can hike along a challenging trail to Longs Peak or the Andrews Tarn & Andrews Glacier, or take the family on a quiet stroll around Bear Lake.

Besides hikes, you can try horseback riding too. Trails wind through the park allowing you and your horse to experience the Park in a different way. This, like hiking, may provide restriction depending on the trail condition. The weather will also play a factor.

Nor is this a park for a single season. Each brings its own character to the Park. In summer, you can hike, searching for the brightest wildflowers in canyons and valleys where the water flows clear and the air is crisp and clean. In winter, strap on skis or snowshoes for more challenging walks. Check our site or contact the Park directly to learn more.

Outside of the Park, you can also engage in exciting activities. In winter, try snowmobiling. Numerous snowmobile trails lead out of the city and into the mountains. Although the Park forbids the use of snowmobiles, you can ride them through Grand Lake. In fact, we make sure you can do so with ease. Check our site for more information, including hotels and cabins that rent them and even have direct access to local trails from outside of your front or back door.


What can be more relaxing then looking out your front or back door at Grand Lake or the Rocky Mountains? Breathe in the clear, crisp, clean air. Forget your troubles as you dabble your feet in a lake or river. Fall asleep reading a book or while you fish on the bank of a river or on a boat. Soak up the sun and relax, relax, relax.

In the evenings, you can enjoy a barbecue at your new home or visit a local restaurant or bar in town. Grand Lake offers you to be our guest at one of our many local eateries on or near our Historic Boardwalk. You can shop, visit a gallery or even take in a show at the new Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater. All these treasures are easily within walking distance of hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park – if you stay in Grand Lake. Check our list of accommodations and you are certain to find the perfect place for you, your family and friends to stay.

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