Rocky Mountain National Park Hotels: All the Options

For those who are planning a trip to Colorado, let us make a suggestion – one that will put the WOW in your vacation. Do not leave the state without visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. Hotels are not on site, but this should not stop you from seeing Colorado’s truly magnificent “Crown Jewel.” Just one look and you will understand why thousands of visitors return annually to wander through this Park.

What Is the Attraction?

If you enjoy the urban life, Rocky Mountain National Park is not for you; however if you have a love for the great outdoors, enjoy hiking through thick forests, are able to feel pleasure when viewing tall, craggy mountains, open spaces and glaciers, come visit us. Those in Colorado have every right to be proud of this treasure. It offers visitors the chance to:

  • Learn about the history of the area and of the Park at the information centers or from attending a seminar held by local rangers.
  • Hike through the Park on one of the diverse trails. You can even bring your children with you! You can walk along the trail that runs from Lumpy Ridge to Gem Lake, or set off along the Ute Trail for amazing panoramic views of the Mountains and Forest Canyon.
  • Birdwatch. Birdwatching is always popular. The Park is home to more than 281 types of birds, including the mountain bluebird, osprey, broadtailed hummingbird, and peregrine falcon.
  • Wander through the habitat of all the diverse mammals. The Park contains 60 species of mammals, including bighorn sheep, black bears, coyote, elk, mule deer and moose.
  • Drive along the Trail Ridge Road. This is the highest (12,183 feet is the highest point) uninterrupted paved road in America. It connects Estes Park and Grand Lake.
  • While there are not, in Rocky Mountain National Park, hotels (you have to either do drive-in camping or backwoods camping), there are certainly various accommodations and hotels available close to Grand Lake.

Grand Lake Accommodations

In Grand Lake you can find diverse options for staying accommodations. From rustic cabins to cozy bed and breakfasts and luxurious hotels, our community has it. Picturesque Grand Lake is there to make sure you have options. Whether you want a cabin on the lake or prefer to stay in an affordable motel/hotel, you can have it. Check out our online site regularly for up-to-date listings and upcoming events.

Whatever the season, whenever you decide to take your Colorado vacation, remember, while it may sometimes be impossible to stay comfortable on site in Rocky Mountain National Park, hotels in Grand Lake are always ready to make you feel at home, even while on vacation, with the amenities you have become well-accustomed to.

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