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Colorado River Trail to Lulu City

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance to Feature: 3.7 miles to City Site

Elevation: 300 ft.

Bathrooms: Yes

Dogs: Not Permitted

Pro Tip: The river and meadow areas along the trail are frequented by wildlife, so be on the lookout for fox, elk, moose, deer and bears.

Distance to Features: 1 Mile beyond Lulu City to Little Yellowstone Canyon

The trek to see this abandoned mining town (some call it a ghost town) is an easy and interesting one, with lots of historic curiosities like old mine shafts and the ruins of old cabins and other structures that made up Lulu City, a town constructed during the Colorado silver boom in 1879. The trail is wide and flat most of the way as it follows the Colorado River for several miles, offering blissfully shady and cool conditions during the hot summer months. Once you reach Lulu City, you can continue one up a short but steep trail to Little Yellowstone canyon (about one more mile) where the trail opens up to beautiful, sweeping views of the Colorado River valley. Three more miles past Little Yellowstone is Poudre Pass, the geological headwaters of the Colorado River for which the trailhead is named.