Stay tuned for next year’s Winter Carnival schedule and details, but reserve February 4th, 2023 for next year’s fun!

Our 2022 Winter Carnival theme was Grand Lake’s Snow Games! This was a completely outdoor winter event inspired by famous winter sport events we love and was completely free to attend. The event schedule included teapot curling, snowshoe + snowball biathlon, fat-biking course, ski bike hill, snowman building contest, parent-child sled pull, human bowling, ice skating, and wrapped up the day with a closing ceremony with fireworks. Fire pits and a warming stations were available, as well as over $2500 in prizes from local businesses.

Out of an abundance of caution for the rise in Covid-19 cases nationwide, we pivoted the theme for our 2022 Winter Carnival to “Snow Games” so that the entire program of activities consists of outdoor events. Our initially proposed theme was “Grand Lake Goes to Prom” and included both indoor and outdoor themed events. In order to offer the full experience associated with that theme, we will table our prom plans for a future Winter Carnival. 

We look forward to celebrating Winter Carnival with you on February 4, 2023. Bring your stoke and test your wintersport skills at Grand Lake’s Snow Games!

The Games:

We’re excited to share with you some of our 2022 Winter Carnival events! From new additions that highlight local businesses to beloved Grand Lake Winter Carnival favorites, we expect this to be a fun-filled day to celebrate winter. Note that all Winter Carnival events will be on Saturday, February 5. All activities and competition will be free, and any registration will happen that morning.

New to Winter Carnival are two fat bike events. One is a Fat Biking Timed Loop, with a short course on the lake! Try out these fat bikes while collecting a time to record on the leaderboard between 10:00am-2:00pm. Whoever is the fastest by 2pm wins free fat bike rentals from the Grand County Adventure Company! From 6:00pm-8:00pm, enjoy night rides on the course with headlamps and glow sticks before the fireworks begin. Free fat bike rides are courtesy of Grand County Adventure Company, a local concierge equipment rental company servicing all of Grand County with outdoor gear and expertise.

A classic Winter Carnival tradition is the Teapot Curling Competition. Slide cast iron teapots across the court towards targets while outsmarting your opponents, all while playing out on a frozen Grand Lake! Sign up starts at 8:00am and play starts by 9:00am (depending on how many entries). Can’t wait for the Snow Games to begin!

New to Winter Carnival is the Snowshoe-Snowball Biathlon! Try out the Grand Lake Library’s snowshoes or bring your own to complete the loop course (and hit the targets with snowballs!) while collecting a time to record on the leaderboard between 10:00am-2:00pm. Whoever is the fastest by 2pm wins! The free snowshoes are courtesy of the Grand County Library system as a way to promote their new snowshoe rental program.

Race a SkiByk courtesy of Grand County Adventure Company in a SkiByk Slalom! Try out these SkiByks in a head-to-head knockout style event where you race an opponent while weaving between cones to the finish line. Sign up to compete between 10:00-10:45 to start first runs at 11:00am. Awards given when finals conclude! (Depends on number of entries)

Build your own Snow Games themed snowman! Decorate your creation with sticks, hats, jerseys, etc. with your own interpretation of “Snow Games”. Draw inspiration from famous winter sport competitions like the X Games and Winter Olympics, and Grand Lake’s own Winter Carnival for this year’s Snowman Building Competition. Let your creativity run! Commence building at 10:00am to be ready for the judges at 2:00pm.

Parent-Child Sled Pull is a family-fun event where adults haul kids on sleds against other teams to race to the finish line. Added traction helps and bringing your own sled for best results! Sign up between 10:00am-10:45am, with first runs at 11:00am. Awards given after finals.

Winter Carnival isn’t complete without Human Bowling! This event involves teams pushing their teammate on a disk sled, building momentum to knock over giant pins. A human bowling team consists of 3 people (adults and/or kids). One person is the bowling ball sitting in and holding  saucer sled with both hands and two “Pushers” who push the “bowling ball“ toward 10 big empty water jugs (bowling pins). ONE practice bowl. TWO chances to score (at all 10 pins) A guaranteed blast for all ages, just let the good times roll! Sign up to compete between 10:00am-10:45am for this open event (combined for both adults and kids). Start time 11:00am and Awards given after finals.

The day wraps up with the evening events. Between 6:00pm-8:00pm enjoy our s’mores station and fire pits by the lakeside. Grand County Adventure Company will offer night rides on the fat bike course with headlamps and glow sticks before the FIREWORKS begin at 8:00pm. Bring your own fat bikes or rent one for free to them out.